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01. Orientation to teaching and supervision

02. UTQ activities (open to all teaching staff)

03. Teaching & supervising courses

04. Assessment and Examination

In these courses/activities, you will learn about different functions of assessment (formative and summative use), how to use specific tools & methods (Ans, rubrics, group assignments) and how to imply working procedures (invigilation).

05. Teaching tools & methods (Face-to-face)

In these courses/activities, you will learn about teaching methods & tools and learning activities that you can use to create an interactive and activating face-to-face (real life) learning environment.

06. Teaching tools & methods (online/digital)

In these courses/activities, you will learn about our Learning Management System Brightspace and other online/digital teaching tools that can help you shape your online and blended education. Activities can cover technical aspects of how to use the tools as well as didactics of online and blended learning.

07. Events & Other activities

In the events organised by TLC, you will discuss about good practices in teaching, get introduced to new learning technologies, and have the opportunity to learn from and exchange experiences with other educators.

08. Study advisers

09. On demand

These courses or activities are organised on demand. Depending on whether it is an individual support activity or course, we will try to plan an occurence when there is interest. Please send an e-mail to education.support@wur.nl