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Period 3

Exploring the Potential of GenAI in Education
Date: Tuesday, 23 January | 12:00 13:30

Facilitators: Anke Swanenberg, Anne Velthorst and Tijmen Kerstens

Join us for an engaging lunch workshop where we will explore the possibilities of GenAI tools, with a focus on ChatGPT. This workshop is designed for teachers and educational professionals, aiming to ignite curiosity and embrace the potential that AI offers in education. During this workshop, you will: Discover the features and capabilities of ChatGPT, exploring its various applications in education. Collaborate with peers as you engage in practical exercises, experiencing GenAI-tools firsthand and uncovering their versatile functionalities. Reflect on the responsible and ethical use of GenAI in education. Explore efficient strategies for leveraging the tool while ensuring ethical practices. In this thought-provoking workshop, we will collectively envision the role of GenAI in education. Join us as we discuss the knowledge and skills necessary for both educators and students to utilize GenAI in an ethically responsible, scientifically approved, and efficient manner. This workshop was offered previously in Period 1 and 2. Click here to register

Safe Space Initiative - A framework
Date: Thursday, 1 February | 12:00 13:30

Facilitators: Sivaprakasham Murugesan Saminathan

The Safe Space Initiative stands as a versatile framework designed to address diverse facets of mental health and foster well-being within workspace at WUR. This initiative transcends a one-size-fits-all mentality, recognizing that different individuals and workplaces require distinct strategies. By integrating mutual support mechanisms, promoting open communication, and implementing stress-reduction strategies, the Safe Space Initiative becomes a compass guiding towards cultivating a positive and supportive atmosphere. In the workshop we will discuss the results of a survey of 8 questions the participants are asked to fill to personalize the design of a safe space within each chair group. Click here to register

Oral examinations - tips and trics
Date: Thursday, 8 February | 12:00 13:30

Facilitators: Mieke Latijnhouwers & Roos Köhler

Digital and paper exams are widely used. But have you ever considered using oral examination? In this meeting we will explore when and how you could use oral examination, and share tips regarding design and implementation. Click here to register

Grading in Brightspace
Date: Tuesday, 13 February | 12:00 13:30

Facilitator: Huub Zonjee

Grading in Brightspace can be quite complicated. During this workshop you are going to practice to set up a grade book for your course. If you do have particular questions in advance, please add them to the registration form. Click here to register

Formative practice: 5 strategies to involve students in their learning process
Date: Thursday, 22 February | 12:00 13:30

Facilitator: Jolanda Soeting

As a teacher you continuously monitor the learning progressions of your students. You try to determine where your students are in their learning process, you determine where they are going and you want to find out how to get them there. And, you want to help your students to become aware of their progress and give them tools to (start) to steer their own leaning process. In this workshop we will discuss the three key elements for teacher activities in formative practice and we will zoom in on 2 prerequisites you need to be able to design formative practice activities and effectively use them in your course. NOTE: if you can’t join the workshop, you can learn more about these strategies in UTQ self-study module: 07 formative practice. Click here to register

Education Coordination
Date: Wednesday, 28 February | 12:00 13:30

Facilitators: Jana Verboom, Joost Baars and Harmke Schellekens

Welcome to another round of Education coordination conversations. In December 2023, Joost Baars and Harmke Schellekens organized an inspiration lunch workshop on this topic. A lot of points were raised, these were presented at the Teachers Day 2023. There seems to be a need for education coordinators and others who coordinate the education, theses, and/or internships on chair group level, to team up, learn from each other, and establish a community of practice. Let's connect and talk about our education coordination experience and needs. Your thoughts and comments are welcomed. You are also invited to listen and talk with us, if you are a Dean of university, a program director, study advisor, or member of the support teams at TLC. Let’s connect and explore what we can do to make education coordination easier and more rewarding. And of course: there will be a nice lunch!. Click here to register

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