UTQ Design

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Location Coordinator registrations
14 and 21 June 2024 09:00 17:00 On campus Anne Velthorst 32 / 32 Add to waiting list
8 and 15 October 2024 09:00 17:00 On campus Steen, Jan 24 / 24 Add to waiting list
19 and 26 March 2025 09:00 17:00 On campus Anne Velthorst 10 / 24 Apply
9 and 16 May 2025 09:00 17:00 On Campus (Wageningen) Anne Velthorst 0 / 24 Apply

Course description

The UTQ Design course focuses on the UTQ design competences. During the course days we will use cooperative and activating didactics that can be inspirational for your own teaching practice. We will use peer feedback as an essential part of the learning process. Attendance and active participation of all participants is therefore expected.

You will learn which design principles you can use to make your course (more) active, effective and efficient. You will practice your design competences with the use of one of your own courses.

Unfortunately, there is not enough time to fully (re)design a course. The UTQ Design course will result in an action plan to further strengthen your course design.

Target group

This course is for teaching staff at Wageningen University who wish to develop their design competency. The course is a mandatory module in the UTQ programme, but you can also join when you are not in the UTQ or when you are already UTQ certified. You will added to the UTQ trajectory Brightspace to hand-in the admission assignment.


Pre-requisites for this course

  1. You are lecturer/ staff member with teaching experience at WUR
  2. You are actively involved in and responsible for (a part of) the course
  3. You have completed the admission assignment (see UTQ trajectory Brightspace)

UTQ competences

4TU UTQ Competence 1: Designing or redesigning teaching.

The teacher can:
a. Explain how the course is embedded in the curriculum or degree program.
b. Design teaching based on the principles of ‘constructive alignment’.
c. Design active, effective, and efficient learning methods and learning materials.
d. Design teaching with respect to the specific (curricular) characteristics and needs of the students.
e. Design your teaching in a practically and logistically feasible (do-able) way.

Learning outcomes

After the successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Analyse relevant aspects of the situational conditions affecting the course (re)design
  • Evaluate chosen design principles to explain your course (re)design.
  • Reflection on the feasibility (of the improvements) of your design

Additional goals

  • Experience different TLA’s
  • Develop your design competence
  • Experience peer feedback as a tool for learning
  • Reflect on the quality of the design of the course you teach.

Course activities

Total time investment: ~34 hours

Contact hours: 2 full days from 9.00-17.00.

The course is set up as a blended learning course: you will study course materials prior to the two training days and make use of our online learning support (Brightspace). During the course days you will experience a variety of teaching and learning activities e.g., sticky notes storm, retrieval practice, elaboration, reflection poster, peer feedback, pitch and storyboarding.

The admission assignment will take a maximum of 8h to complete. This includes the 4h self-study on ’01. Diversity, equity and inclusion in your teaching practice’. When you already studied this module, you will be asked to refresh your understanding.

Before training day 1, you are asked to prepare yourself using several assignments. This will take a maximum of 6h to complete. This includes among other things  studying the self-study modules ’02. information processing’, ’04 motivating your students’ and ’07.formative practice’. When you already studied these modules, you will be asked to refresh your understanding. 

Before training day 2, you are asked to reflect on day 1 and prepare for training day 2. This will take a maximum of 6h to complete. This includes among other things studying the self-study modules ’03. Learning strategies’. You are also asked to refresh your understanding of the other self-study modules.


All literature is provided via the UTQ Design Brightspace environment and the UTQ self-study modules Brightspace.


After successful complementation of the course (active participation and admission assignment) you will receive the partial UTQ certificate for competence #1 Design.


Participation is free for Wageningen University & Research staff involved in teaching in a Wageningen University Degree programme.


We consider registration as final. When canceled within three weeks before course day 1, your chair group will be charged all costs of your subscription (€350,-). If there are less than 8 participants in the course, Teaching and Learning Centre may cancel the course and notify you at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the course.