Group supervision in real-life learning

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Course description

Learning Objectives

After the workshop Supervising Group Work in Real Life Learning you are able to: 

  • Recognize student team roles, the role of the commissioner/case owner and the role of the teacher/coach/supervisor in real-life learning projectsExplore and reflect on group identity and in-group bias within real-life learning projects;
  • Interpret group dynamics and group development in the context of real-life learning projects;
  • Recognize communication levels in group work, enhancing your ability to facilitate effective communication and collaboration among students, the commissioner, and other stakeholders involved in the real-life learning project;
  • Consciously decide how to motivate all group members, utilizing strategies and techniques to engage and inspire students throughout the real-life learning experience;
  • Evaluate the need for intervention in group work situations, equipping you with the skills to assess when and how to intervene as a supervisor or coach;
  • Apply the acquired knowledge and tools to maximize the educational benefits for all involved parties in real-life learning projects.

By providing practical tools and guidance, the course aims to empower educators to effectively supervise and support student groups undertaking real-life learning projects, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the learning experience and maximize the educational benefits for all involved parties, including the students, the commissioner, and the educational institution.