20 Knowledge clip camera training

Course schedule

This course is not scheduled yet.

Course description

Knowledge clips are becoming more important as teaching activity within the WU. They are used in:

  • on campus courses, e.v flipped classroom, practical instructions, recovery of knowledge gaps;
  • online learning, such as MOOCS an DL masters.

The central theme in this course is practicing your skills in developing and recording a knowledge clip. The course focusses on the way you:

  • prepare a knowledge clip. You get information and templates about script writing, preparing your Powerpoint;
  • record it in front of the camera. You will be coached in the recording a knowledge clip in front of the camera in the Greenroom studio.
  • organize the recording. You get information about the booking of the studio, the documents you need to prepare.

Therefore we work in small groups, preferred amount of 6 participants. The course can be given in English or Dutch. Depending on the language preferred by the participants the trainers decide in which language the course will be given. 

Target group

Academic teachers for whom knowledge clips forms part of their teaching. This course is a very good starter for those how would like to develop skills in the development and recording of a knowledge clip. The course is required for teachers how are going to record their knowledge clip in the Greenroom studio.


After the course you have the (basic) skills to:

  • make an informed decision about what type of knowledge clip you are going to develop;
  • prepare a knowledge clip with help of the given templates;
  • record a knowledge clip in the greenroom studio;
  • organize the recording of a knowledge clip.


The follow topics are addressed in the course:

  • the different types of knowledge clips that are used within the WU;
  • how to develop a recording script?
  • getting familiar with the camera and the recording environment in the greenroom studio;
  • improve your presenting skills in front of the camera


The course is based mainly on 'learning by doing'. Further learning by 'learning by observing' and 'learning by designing and weighing options'.

Prepare for the first day a knowledge clip. Write in Word your text  of max 200 words and prepare one or two supporting powerpoint slides.

Prepare for the second day a knowledge clip that you are going to use in your course.

Prior knowledge

It is useful if you have experience in the delivery of lectures within the WU and are going to use knowledge clips in your courses.


You get a certificate that you can add to your UTQ portfolio.


Participation is free for Wageningen University & Research staff involved in teaching WU courses.


We consider registration as final. When cancelled within four weeks before the activity starts we will charge your chairgroup the full price of the course plus costs that have been made in relation with your subscription ( €350 per course).