Workshop: Boost your Brightspace

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Location Coordinator registrations
Thursday January 12, 2023 10:00 12:00 Room Wageningen B:104 R:0.B.001 (Atlas ground floor) Huub Zonjee 0 / 20 Registration ended at 10/01/2023
Tuesday February 14, 2023 13:30 15:30 Room Wageningen B:104 R:0.B.001 (Atlas ground floor) Huub Zonjee 1 / 20 Apply

Course description

Do you want to be updated on what’s new in Brightspace and related tools? Looking for some inspiration to improve your Brightspace course?

During this workshop we will update you on the newest developments within Brightspace and related tools. You will also check your course against the ‘Brightspace check’ to see how your course compares to the Brightspace standard.

Together with a peer you will explore each other’s courses for feedback and inspiration.

The end result of the workshop will be a filled out ‘Brightspace Booster Plan,’ in which you indicate what you want to change in your Brightspace course, how, when and what help you need.