Q&A Sessions: Educational Video

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Location Coordinator registrations
7 May 2024 Q&A morning Educational Media 09:00 10:00 Microsoft Teams (Online) Melissa Canton 0 / 15 Registration ended at 05/05/2024
7 May 2024 Q&A afternoon Educational Media 13:00 14:00 Microsoft Teams (Online) Melissa Canton 0 / 15 Registration ended at 03/05/2024

Course description

In these online Q&A sessions, you can ask all questions related to Educational Media. Different topics can be discussed, like 'How do I manage a YuJa channel?', 'How do I search for videos in YuJa?', or 'How do I schedule Weblectures and livestreams with the WurScheduler?'.

Topic: How to search for videos in YuJa

Are you failing to find the videos you are searching for? Do you want to add a specific Weblecture to your Brightspace course? Do you want to have tips to make your search more accurate?

Topic: How to manage a YuJa channel

Do you know what a YuJa channel is? How to get access to that YuJa channel? How do students get access to the YuJa channel? Are you interested in learning how to edit a YuJa channel? Or are you having trouble copying content from one channel to another?

Topic: How to prepare for Weblectures and livestreams

What is the WurScheduler? What do I need to do if my course has schedule changes? Should a plan livestreams for my course? How can students find the Weblectures?

If the course schedule does not offer a suitable opportunity, please send a request to weblectures@wur.nl. More information on Educational Video can be found here: https://wur-educationsupport.screenstepslive.com/m/111045