06 Teaching in the International Classroom

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Location Coordinator registrations
10 and 11 October 2019 09:00 17:00 Wageningen Kroon, Hubertie 1 / 12 Apply

Course description

This course is offered in coöperation with 4TUCEE. 

The course Teaching in the International Classroom is for teaching staff to help learn to develop four skills that lecturers need to develop in order to become more intercultural competent:

  1. Increasing cultural self-awareness
  2. Increasing awareness of others (including students and teachers) within their own cultural contexts
  3. Teaching- and learning techniques for ‘’bridging the cultural gap’’ in order to interact effectively and appropriately with culturally different others
  4. Developing capacities to identify, understand, manage cultural differences and communicate effectively and appropriately.

Topics of the course:

Own educational norms and values; Cultural stressors in classroom; Cultural dimensions; Intercultural Competence Continuum; Intercultural Competence Inventory


In the course we focus on active-learning; You practise several skills; Explore theoretical background; Exchange experiences; Discuss with peers; also a panel of international students will be part of the course; View videos and reflect on insights.

The training is two days. Three weeks before the course you will receive the course materials including course manual, notes and assignments. For preparation of the course you get some asssignments. You get the possibility to complete the online Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). The trainer I will introduce this survey to you and the other participants during the course. The IDI allows to see  progression along a continuum of cross-cultural competence, insight on how you make sense of and respond on cultural differences. After the course you will debrief this with the trainer in an individual session. Workplace Impact of the Intercultural Development Inventory (4.27 minutes) | Intercultural Development Inventory

Intercultural sensitivity From Denial to intercultural Competence: Ir. Carlos Nunez will be given three weeks before the course starts together with the course binder.  During the course you will get references and materials that you can use in your own teaching practice to create a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Participants in this course will need to be familiar with issues around teaching and learning that often arise in the international classroom. Lecturers need to have experience in teaching: give lectures or tutorials in a higher educational an international classroom; or guiding students. The course will also be appropriate for teachers of all levels who have had little or no experience in the international classroom or who have had some experience but have not been trained in this domain.