Thesis assessment: calibration session workshop for chair groups

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Do you interpret thesis assessment criteria and rubric similarly? What situational factors do you take into account? Do you value similar things in students’ thesis reports? What information do you report on the assessment forms?
These are important questions to discuss within your chair group, amongst staff involved in thesis assessment.

The number of staff members involved in assessment of thesis has increased in many chair groups. Consequently, to ensure reliable assessment, calibration has become more important and chair groups have been recommended to organise calibration sessions amongst staff.

To help you with this, we can facilitate a calibration session workshop for your chair group, with a programme tailored to your needs. Typically a session will take 2 hours, plus per thesis 30-45 minutes preparation time. The programme could for instance be:

  • Reading a sample of your chair groups’ thesis reports, as preparation for the meeting.
    (For example 2 theses read by all participants + 2 other theses read in duos);
  • Exchange own findings with those of colleagues;
  • Define best practices for your chair group, as guidance for all assessors.

Calibration sessions are planned on demand.
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