Starting with real-life learning

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Course description


Imagine a teaching approach that bridges the gap between theory and the real world without overwhelming complexities. We understand that starting with complex real-life learning can be challenging, but we can guide you with starting in a simpler way. In this session, we will explore real-life learning through simple yet powerful adjustments. You don't need to completely overhaul your curriculum; instead, we'll show you how to integrate real-world elements into your theoretical courses.

This workshop is made for teachers who want to enhance student engagement and cultivate a profound connection between academic knowledge and society. We believe that every course, including those for first-year students, can take that crucial first step towards real-life relevance. Together, let's embrace a low-threshold approach to real-life learning, making education not only meaningful but also enjoyable for both you and your students.


Learning objectives

After following the workshop, teachers are able to:

1. Understand the concept and benefits of real-life learning and its varieties.

2. Identify opportunities and for integration within a theoretical course where real-life elements can be integrated.

3. Develop practical teaching strategies that can be easily implemented to connect theoretical concepts with real-world scenarios.

4. Design engaging learning experiences by illustrating the real-life relevance of the subject matter.

5. Evaluate the learning outcomes of the course and make necessary changes to make it more suited to real-life learning.

Each participant will leave the workshop with an action plan outlining the specific steps they will take to apply real-life learning principles in their course. After the first workshop we want to evaluate the possibilities of a supportive learning community. For example, by arranging a follow up session where teachers will share ideas, experiences, and best practices related to real-life learning. A one-on-one advice by one of our educational advisors is also possible after following this course.