SUTQ | Information Meeting

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Location Coordinator registrations
30 September 2024
13:30 14:30 To be communicated Luchtman, Linda 4 / 25 Apply

Course description

The Teaching & Learning Centre currently offers the UTQ (BKO). In this trajectory in-service teachers are equipped with specific teaching competences that are formally assessed. By offering a SUTQ, the educational trajectory can continue for those who successfully completed their UTQ (or equivalent) and wish to further their educational development.

The SUTQ is intended for employees who aspire in becoming a “senior teacher” (promoted from UFO 3 to a level 2). The SUTQ is also open for and available to in-service teachers, associate professors, assistant professors, and professors in possession of a UFO job profile 1 and 2. As alluded to before, for a candidate to be considered for the SUTQ, they should be in possession of a UTQ certificate.

The information day serves as a Q&A moment where you can inquire more information about the three overall competences and how these are planned, assessed, implemented and monitored using both a personal plan as well as an education project plan.