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The YuJa Enterprise Video Platform (YuJa) is an all-in-one video experience that allows the secure creation, management, discovery, collaboration, and live streaming of video content across any device at any time. YuJa also integrates into WUR's existing enterprise systems including Brightspace, SSO, and intranet. YuJa manages and distributes all knowledge clips, user-generated content, and Weblectures for the WUR, both within and outside Brightspace.

Within YuJa you can search for videos, view them, change some of the characteristics while watching them. But also, you can create playlists, store videos, create links to them and if you create videos yourself, you can upload them and share them with the whole world. You can share educational videos (such as recorded lectures, knowledge clips, practical clips, and instruction videos) through Brightspace, within YuJa, and outside YuJa.

In this training you will get to know the most important basic functionalities in YuJa:

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