Demo and Q&A session: The GroupTool

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Location Coordinator registrations
Wednesday 13 October, 2021 09:00 10:15 MS Team GroupTool Barbara van Mossevelde 9 / 20 Registration ended at 12/10/2021
Monday 25 October, 2021 11:30 12:45 MS Team GroupTool Barbara van Mossevelde 1 / 20 Registration ended at 24/10/2021

Course description

A new function in Brightspace - the GroupTool - makes it easier to make group divisions. In the GroupTool it is possible to filter students e.g. on program, start year, and whether or not they are in a group, with an easy user interface to do so. Also, you can provide students with a personalized Education Schedule by linking Brightspace groups to the TimeEdit schedule (groups).

During this session, we demonstrate how the GroupTool works and how you, as a lecturer or education supporter, and your students can benefit from it in organising your course groups and informing your students on their schedule.

After the demonstration, you can ask questions and discuss your cases with tool- and experience experts.

The session will last 1 hour, with 15 minutes lead time if needed. It takes place online in the MS Team GroupTool.

If you would like to follow this session, but the course schedule does not offer a suitable opportunity, please send a request to .