Group assignments: good use and assessment

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Course description

This workshop-series focusses on specific aspects of creating, using and assessing group assignments. As such it is complementary to courses like 'Supervising groupwork' and 'UTQ Assess'.

The workshops each have a blended set-up, with online self-study materials/assignments, followed by a meeting where you can also exchange experience and best practices with colleagues. For each workshop you need ca. 2 hours preparation time plus 2-3 hours for the meeting. 

After taking the total workshop series you are able to:

  • create an aligned group assignment:
    • that matches the intended learning outcomes of the course;
    • with clearly defined (sub) learning outcomes and assessment criteria for the group assignment;
    • with clearly defined teaching activities (instructions, guidance and feedback) and student activities (e.g. tasks, products, project, peer feedback);
  • apply knowledge of group processes to make didactic decisions;
  • use available digital tools to stimulate the learning process and/or organise the logistics.

The three workshops each dive into one or more of these aspects, as indicated by its title:

Group assignments: How to design teaching & assessment?
Group assignments: How to use peer feedback in group assignments?
Group assignments: How to use (new) didactic tools to stimulate learning?

You can take part in one or more workshops of your interest. The series of four workshops combined can earn you a certificate.