Q&A session: Starting up your hybrid classroom

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Location Coordinator registrations
Thursday 19 August, 2021 13:00 14:00 Microsoft Teams: The Hybrid Classroom Hannah Rommens 25 / 30 Registration ended at 18/08/2021
Tuesday 24 August, 2021 09:00 10:00 Microsoft Teams: The Hybrid Classroom Hannah Rommens 16 / 30 Registration ended at 22/08/2021
Tuesday 12 October, 2021 13:00 14:00 Microsoft Teams: The Hybrid Classroom Hannah Rommens 1 / 20 Registration ended at 11/10/2021

Course description

With the hybrid classroom we mean a combination of a physical space on campus with an online 'lecturing' tool (Virtual Classroom or MS Teams Meeting), combined with a recording of the room. This allows you to give interactive lectures, in which one part of the students is physically present and the other part attends the lecture online at the same time.

In this session on hybrid teaching, we will address:
- Getting started with the hybrid lecture;
- Didactics in a hybrid setting;
- Your questions on setting up and executing a hybrid session. 

Join this Q&A session, in preparation on hybrid teaching activities in the coming period(s). The hybrid setting is demonstrated and you can ask questions on how to start up and execute the session, as well as didactic aspects.

We expect participating teachers to be familiar with either Virtual Classroom or MS Teams Meetings. 

If you would like to follow this training, but the course schedule does not offer a suitable opportunity, please send a request to education.support@wur.nl .