University Teaching: Putting theory into practice (Peer Learning Meetings)

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Coordinator registrations
Period 6 (Start May 2023)
Lunchmeeting: 09/05, meetings: 16/05; 23/05; 30/05; 06/06; 13/06; 20/06
11:45 16:00 Meg Hayne 17 / 18 Registration ended at 06/03/2023

Course description

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Course description

“University Teaching: putting theory into practice” is a compulsory part of the UTQ programme. It focuses on improving your teaching further by optimising your facilitation of the students’ learning process when teaching classes and supervising groups of students. You will use your own teaching and supervision for the assignments.

In the University Teaching course we will focus mainly on the Teaching and Supervising competence (UTQ competence 2). Topics of the meetings will be the design of a lesson plan, executing an educational meeting, giving feedback, supervision of students (individual and in group) and content related to personal learning goals. An observation assignment of a lecturing practice and a role play with an actor of a supervision activity will be part of the course.

The course consists of pre- and post-class assignments in a digital platform (approx. 30 hours) and six themed live meetings (6x4 hours) + a lunch meeting (1.5h).

Target group

Teachers in the University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) trajectory who like to learn in an active, blended supervised peer learning community and want to share and use their practical experiences as teacher and supervisor in this community.



  • design active, effective, and efficient learning methods and learning materials
  • design teaching with respect to the specific (curricular) characteristics and needs of the students.
  • prepare an educational meeting.
  • conduct an educational meeting and reflect on your performance.
  • supervise students, individually and in groups.
  • formulate your own vision on teaching and student learning.
  • reflect on your work as a teacher and on your future professional development in teaching.


This course starts with a lunch meeting. In this meeting you will meet your fellow participants and the ESC trainers. Moreover, you will receive information about the set-up of the course and the Brightspace community.

This course is designed as a blended course with two different activities:

1. Learning online in Brightspace: the goal of this online environment is to share products and ideas, discuss and give feedback to help fellow participants. You carry out pre- and post-class assignments, download/upload material, read information, watch knowledge clips and give feedback to the other teachers in this community.

2. Live meeting. In these 4-hour meetings we will build on your online activities you’ve executed in Brightspace. We will add theory and you will deepen your knowledge and skills by applying, sharing, giving feedback and working together.

Because of the blended set up of the course, every module consist of pre-class activities, activities during the live meetings and post-class activities. Be aware that you will need between 5-8 hours preparation time for every meeting! 


  • Prerequisite course: (re)Designing a Course
  • Experience with various teaching duties:
    • preparing and conducting educational meetings with a clear explanation of the subject matter (e.g. lectures)
    • guiding small groups (tutorials, group work),
    • supervising individual students (theses, internship)


You will be awarded your certificate at the end of the course.


Participation is free for Wageningen University & Research staff involved in teaching in a Wageningen University Degree programme.