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Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Coordinator registrations
12, 19 and 26 November 2021 09:00 17:30 Du Preez, Hannelie 12 / 12 Add to waiting list
31 January, 7 and 14 February 2022 09:00 17:30 Du Preez, Hannelie 5 / 12 Apply

Course description

The course introduces you to some basic teaching and learning principles. We will introduce the concept of constructive alignment; we will discuss common grading practices (and their pitfalls) and how to give feedback (oral and written) and you will get some tips on how to motivate and how to activate students. You will also be given the opportunity to practice some teaching skills.

ONLINE VERSION: the 3 day course will consist of a blended programme, with a mixture of:

  • online presentation of information in the whole group
  • online processing of information in whole group and in subgroups
  • offline processing of information in Brightspace
  • online application of information in group assignments 
  • offline applications of information in individual assignments in Brightspace
  • online and offline practicing of teaching skills and feedback skills in subgroups


Target group & Prerequisites

This course is designed for teaching staff (eg lecturers, PhD’s, teaching assistants) with little experience in teaching (in Wageningen). It is therefore a suitable course as part of an orientation on teaching and supervising.

The course content should tie in with the teaching duties of teachers at Wageningen University:

  • You should have teaching duties or get teaching duties in the near future
  • You will be working on your own course, so you must bring a course guide (or course outline/ guidelines if it’s a new to design course) and know your own role and responsibilities within the course.

Learning outcomes

The participant can:

  1. Explain and apply the concept and importance of active learning;
  2. Summarize aspects that influence students’ motivation to engage in their own learning process (self-regulation);
  3. Apply the concept of Constructive Alignment to your own teaching;
  4. Describe common pitfalls in grading and use tips and tricks to avoid these
  5. Apply theories on teaching and learning when preparing lessons
  6. Demonstrate basic teaching skills (giving an instruction, supervision, giving feedback)
  7. Reflect on own performance and then formulate concrete points to improve your teaching skills.


The content covers:

  1. Preparation on tutorials/teaching
  2. Introduction to alignment, activating teaching methods and influencing students learning
  3. Tips on grading and giving feedback
  4. Practice with teaching skills
  5. Reflection on own performance


The first two days cover a wide range of practicalities, and you will be introduced to some basic teaching & learning principles.
On the third day you will be asked to give a practice lesson, in which you can experiment with a part of your own teaching.

During the course you are expected to play an active role yourself. You will be provided with information, which you will then process and apply through discussions, assignments and exercises.


You will be awarded a certificate at the end of the course.
Note: this course is not part of the UTQ programme.


Participation is free for Wageningen University & Research staff involved in teaching WU courses.


We consider registration as final. When cancelled within three weeks before the activity starts, your chair group will be charged all costs of your subscription (€350,-).

If there are less than 6 participants in the course, Education Support Centre may cancel the course and notify you at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the course.