18a UTQ/BKO Portfolio peer group

Course schedule

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Course description

In addition to the didactic courses, electives and practical assignments, it is the intention that you put together a portfolio within the UTQ. The portfolio will demonstrate that you have the basic skills to teach in at a University level. It is the input and starting point of the final meeting to reflect on the your learning process towards this.
The composition of this portfolio is sometimes seen as the tailpiece of the UTQ and thus is put back until the end. By paying attention to the portfolio, the meso-assignment and the observations in practice, in a smart way the portfolio can gain quality and will be realized efficiently.

Target group

Teachers who are in the UTQ programme and are busy putting together their portfolios and want to draw on best practice, examples from colleagues and want to discuss dilemmas.
Note: you will get the basic information from your UTQ supervisor and of our website.


- To share best practice and to get inspired for the portfolio and asssignments.
- To discuss bottlenecks; the principle of "give and take"
- To get feedback on the already made parts of your portfolio by fellow teachers.
- To share other topics with each other as practical assignment and preparation for final interview.
- To promote reflection on learning experiences


The content of these portfolio meetings is determined by the participants. This means that the portfolio will be the central theme, but other practical issues can also be raised.
The starting point is the principle of "give and take".


There are four meetings. The first meeting is scheduled and there will be a UTQ supervisor of Educational Staff Development present. The other three meetings will be scheduled together with the group. The UTQ  supervisor will give an objective and brief explanation about the portfolio in the first meeting. The most common questions will be answered.
For the next three meetings you can determine the content yourself. Basically, these meetings are intended to discuss each others portfolio's and to spread good ideas.
If you want, you can invite a UTQ supervisor if there are specific questions.
If you want to invite a UTQ supervisor, please do so at least three weeks in advance.


You should have had the initial UTQ interview and you should know the basic information of the portfolio.
The portfolio should be at least in a starting phase.


www.ESD.wur.nl > courses and UTQ > UTQ
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Blog: How to get started with your UTQ (BKO) portfolio? (example approach)


If needed Educational Staff Development can arrange a room.