13+ Design a course that uses IT

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Location Coordinator registrations
Introduction 24 October 2019, Wrap up discussion 13 December 2019 14:00 17:00 Wageningen Smolenaars, Han Apply
Introduction 30 January 2020, Wrap up discussion 12 March 2020 14:00 17:00 Wageningen Smolenaars, Han Apply

Course description

In this assignment you will design a online self-study module for your students. During this assignment you will focus on the design questions. Parts of this design will be built in the online learning environment of Wageningen University, Brightspace.

Target group & Prerequisites

This assignment is mandatory for participants of the BKO1.0. and voluntary for participants of the BKO2.0. It is only open for participants of 'University teaching: putting theory into practice' (before: Algemene Didactiek) or teachers that are already certified for the UT course.


Learning outcomes

After completion of this assignment you:

  • Can develop, from a didactical viewpoint, a concept  design of a module of independent study
  • Know the possibilities, restrictions and conditions for such a design, including  a time estimation
  • Can weigh the options about using IT in your education



You design education within the teaching context of Wageningen University. This assignment is an exercise in designing education. You will practise the design steps that are presented in the courses (re)designing a course and the University teaching course.

In this assignment you will develop a small online task for the following specific educational problem. “You have a group of students in your course who have difficulties with certain concepts or who haven’t mastered certain applications. These concepts/applications are prerequisite knowledge for the course and ideally you want students to have already mastered them before coming to your course. To resolve this problem, you design a 4-hour module of independent study on an online learning environment, which students can complete before starting your course. You only want to spend a very limited time supervising these students.”

The design requirements are:

  • You give students prior to or at the beginning of your course the opportunity to bridge the gap in their prior knowledge.
  • The subject focusses on assumed priorknowledge and is not a part of the learning outcomes of your course.
  • You offer students a 4-online hour self-study module in Brightspace.
  • You can invest limited time in the supervision of these students.
  • The module can be used at least 5 years after first publication.
  • Your chair agreed on 20 hours development time.


This IT assignment is set up as a blended learning. The trajectory starts with an introduction meeting of 2 hours. In this meeting the trajectory, learning outcomes and learning activities will be explained. Since you are going to give peerfeedback, you will make pairs (buddies) during this meeting.

Then you have approximately 10 weeks to execute the IT assignment. With help of design questions presented in an online forum in Brightspace, you will develop a concept design for your online self-study module. The answering of each design question asks between 0.5 and 3 hours. You are going to build parts of this design in an experiment environment in Brightspace.

Beside the development of your own design you will give peerfeedback on the answers and design of your buddy.

The IT assignment trainer will guided the trajectory and give feedback on process and product via online forum and email in Brightspace.

In the final discussion meeting of 3 hours the focus will be on the following points:

  • Your own experience of learning within an online self-study module.
  • The design decisions you made concerning your concept design and the role of IT in this design.
  • The possibilities, restrictions and conditions for such a design, including  a time estimation.


You will be awarded your certificate at the end of the final discussion meeting.
Note for UTQ 2.0 participants: you can use this assignment as substition for part 2a of the compulsory UTQ assessment assignment.


Participation is free for Wageningen University & Research staff involved in teaching WU courses.


We consider registration as final. When cancelled within three weeks before the activity starts, your chair group will be charged all costs of your subscription (€350,-).

If there are less than 4 participants in the course, Education Support Centre may cancel the IT assignment and notify you at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the course.